Few words about me and the house

Holiday rental in Aix en Provence Maison Saint Jerome

A bit about me and the house

La maison Saint Jérôme has not always been a holiday guest house, far from it. It has been built right after the second world war and is actually my child hood home. It is a collective story of work colleagues who pulled together their various skills and determination to make this place what they called home. All houses in the private road are built on the same plans. Over the years, these houses have gradually been sold and there are on a few original owners left. You can find a more detailed story of the house in my blog. So I have decided to make the story last longer and now make la Maison Saint Jérôme is my own house. Having lived in Aix-en-Provence my whole childhood before life and work took me away, to Paris, Lyon and even Ivory Coast, it is a real pleasure now to open this house and share some of my knowledge of Aix and its region to guest from all over the world.

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Here are a couple of words about me and Suzanna who you might see during your stay


Chief relaxing stay 🙂
I am enjoying my retirement in Aix, the city where I grew up. I have 3 grown-up children and a very quite dog, Belle who you might get to meet.


Chief helper
Suzanna is helping me make sure your stay goes well. If I am away when you arrive, Suzanna will welcome you and make sure you are settling in perfectly.


It all start with a conversation. I look forward to start one with you.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give me a call. My phone number is below and I am in CET time zone.

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You can also send me a mail or fill in the form on the right here. I will come back to you very quickly.

Drop By and Talk

I often have students studying in Aix who need to find an accommodation for their visiting parents. What ever your situation, if you are local and want to look at la Maison Saint Jérôme, do not hesitate to do so.

Our stay was amazing. Thank you for hosting us.
Amy Johnson