Front of IS school in Aix en Provence; Maison Saint Jerome; Guest house;

I am frequently getting guest who are taking language class in the IS Institute of Aix-en-Provence. IS stands for Institut Suedois in French, Swedish Institute in English.It is a school for learning or improving French as a foreign language.

It has actually a long history. It has been founded by the Stockholms University Foundation in 1972  the school was initially mainly working as a secondary school for swedish students. In 1973 however, it secured the status of “private institution of secondary education”. Up until 1998, it was trading under the “Franco-Scandinavian Institute”.  As the Swedish high school, with which the IFS worked, decided to stop its activities abroad in the mid 70s, the IFS decided to open its doors to all nationalities. It has four main quality labels: the FLE Grouping (professional grouping of French-language schools in France), the EAQUALS (European grouping of language schools), the IALC (international grouping of language schools) and the label. FLE quality of CIEP (interministerial grouping in France).

From now on, it welcomes an average of 1,300 students each year from all over the world. It is aimed at an adult populations so students must be over 18, except in closed groups.. The duration of the internship can vary from 2 weeks to several months depending on the student’s objective. I often have guest staying at la Maison Saint Jérome for a couple of weeks indeed.

As mentioned in my introduction page, I have set up the maison Saint Jérome as a way to meet many people from all over the world. I have to admit that being so close to the IS (more details below), this is one of the things I appreciate. I get to see people of various ages, nationalities, personalities and personal goals of students.

Last but not least, in January 2015 the school, which was before rue des Arts et Métiers, moved into this pretty house called “Le Vieux Lavoir”, Avenue des Ecoles Militaires. When guests do go to the IS, they walk through the “Torse park” and it takes them 15 minutes to walk there in a leisurely manner.

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